The NW meeting to adopt the review committee proposals went relatively smoothly, securing the necessary two thirds majority.

The main changes will see the Premiership become a ten team league from 2021, with no replays, while this season's senior cup will be seeded for the first two rounds.

There will be two pots with teams ranked 1-8 in one and 9-16 in the other. Four from each will be given home draws.

One other innovation is the introduction of T20 cups for all the qualifying leagues.

All games from the 2021 season will be played in coloured clothing.

There was an amendment to the original proposals with start times in the Premiership set at 12 o'clock rather than 11am, which some clubs were unhappy with.

NW Spokesperson Lawrence Moore said:

"This has been a long process; one that has been under consideration even before the end of last season. When the NWCU adopted the 'Think Tank' proposals at the end of 2012, change was necessary to accommodate the onset of the Interprovincial series.

"Over the past seven or eight years that onus has shifted again and our priority now is sustaining and building on the club game.

"In all honesty, things have got away from us in the past decade or so. We have lost three North West clubs- Limavady, Creevedonnell and Drummond in that time.

"This document is aimed at all cricket across the region, from schools, to youth, to women and girls, disability, midweek right up to the Qualifying and senior game. It is about sustaining the numbers we have, alongside creating an environment to attract new players in.

"We appointed a Review panel, many of whom had never been involved in committee life within the NWCU.

"That group spent months ensuring that everyone involved in the sport here had the opportunity to contribute to the process and their opinions, not ours, formed the basis of the report.

"During last night's meeting the panel gave an absolute guarantee that the changes will be closely monitored and we will act quickly to address anything we have to. Even at the end of last night's vote there was an almost unanimous feel that the jump from 1pm starts to 11am in the Premier League was too big. The committee immediately offered a compromise of 12 noon which was agreed.

"Our plan is to liaise with clubs all the way on this because we know it is a work in progress.

"We appreciate the support of everyone who helped along the way, and particularly those who gave of their time to put these proposals together."