CIYMS skipper Nigel Jones has signed a three year deal with Dublin University as their Director of Cricket.

The role at Trinity's College Park is also a playing one but the 37 year-old is hopeful of combining his new role with his existing commitments as Head Coach of Leinster Lightning as well as playing for CIYMS.

Trinity only play seven matches in their league season, which ends on May 24th.

There are two clashes on May 2nd and 9th when both CIYMS and Dublin University are in action on the same day.

The Leinster Cricket Union treat Dublin University as a special case, with players for the club allowed to represent others in the league once the students campaign has ended.

Current NCU regulations would appear to prevent Jones from playing in both, but it's hoped that the unique situation of his position at Trinity would allow this to happen.

There is apparently a precedence with Jan Cunningham previously playing in both.

Jones and CIYMS are expected to formally approach the Union for a special dispensation in the coming weeks before the season starts.