The NW have unveiled the fixtures for the nine-team Premiership which gets under way on Saturday April 25th.

Defending champions Brigade open with a home tie against an Eglinton side which enjoyed one of their most successful campaigns in recent times.

Just how will the villagers cope with the loss of Irish international Stuart Thompson remains to be seen, while Brigade could have a few new faces in the camp to atone for the loss of JT and Gareth McKeegan.

Ballyspallen entertain Strabane, with both sides keen to get a winning start after the struggles of 2019.

Donemana disappointed last season, and they will want to collect the points as Coleraine visit The Holm.

Newly promoted Ardmore have home advantage over Glendermott, a game that has always been keenly tested any time the sides have met over the years.

Bready aren't in action on the opening weekend, starting their season the following week with a home clash at Magheramason on Saturday May 2nd.

Sat 25th April
Brigade v Eglinton
Ballyspallen v Strabane
Donemana v Coleraine
Ardmore v Glendermott

Sat 2nd May
Bready v Ballyspallen
Coleraine v Brigade
Ardmore v Strabane
Glendermott v Donemana

Sat 9th May
Strabane v Bready
Donemana v Eglinton
Glendermott v Ballyspallen
Coleraine v Ardmore

Sat 16th May
Eglinton v Coleraine
Ardmore v Bready
Brigade v Glendermott
Strabane v Donemana

Sat 30th May
Ballyspallen v Ardmore
Eglinton v Glendermott
Bready v Donemana
Strabane v Brigade

Sun 7th June
Glendermott v Coleraine
Donemana v Ballyspallen
Strabane v Eglinton
Brigade v Bready

Sat 13th June
Ardmore v Donemana
Coleraine v Strabane
Ballyspallen v Brigade
Eglinton v Bready

Sat 20th June
Strabane v Glendermott
Brigade v Ardmore
Coleraine v Bready
Ballyspallen v Eglinton

Sat 27th June
Donemana v Brigade
Bready v Glendermott
Ardmore v Eglinton
Ballyspallen v Coleraine

Sat 4th July
Eglinton v Brigade
Strabane v Ballyspallen
Coleraine v Donemana
Glendermott v Ardmore

Sat 11th July
Coleraine v Eglinton
Bready v Ardmore
Glendermott v Brigade
Donemana v Strabane

Sat 18th July
Bready v Strabane
Eglinton v Donemana
Ballyspallen v Glendermott
Ardmore v Coleraine

Sat 25th July
Donemana v Ardmore
Strabane v Coleraine
Brigade v Ballyspallen
Bready v Eglinton

Sat 1st Aug
Ardmore v Ballyspallen
Glendermott v Eglinton
Donemana v Bready
Brigade v Strabane

Sat 15th Aug
Coleraine v Glendermott
Ballyspallen v Donemana
Eglinton v Strabane
Bready v Brigade

Sat 22nd Aug
Ballyspallen v Bready
Brigade v Coleraine
Strabane v Ardmore
Donemana v Glendermott

Sat 29th Aug
Glendermott v Strabane
Ardmore v Brigade
Bready v Coleraine
Eglinton v Ballyspallen

Sat 5th Sept
Brigade v Donemana
Glendermott v Bready
Eglinton v Ardmore
Coleraine v Ballyspallen