Rob Cassell holds a pretty unique position in Irish cricket - universally admired and never the subject of criticism. An endangered species in the Emerald Isle. So why is he leaving?

The Aussie born bowling coach wanted to stay, taking unpaid leave for a two-month stint at the IPL with Rajasthan Royals.

Ireland Head Coach Graham Ford had no objections to his wish - clearly seeing the long-term benefit of the knowledge that would be gained and passed on at the elite tournament.

It's clearly a dream gig for any player or coach to be involved at this highest level, and an opportunity that Cassell couldn't turn down.

It would also provide an opportunity for an Irish coach to shadow Cassell during the three-match T20I series against Afghanistan and step into the role temporarily while he was at the IPL.

The obvious candidate would be Ryan Eagleson who is already very much involved in Irish coaching, while other possibilities on a short-term contract could have included John Mooney, Andre Botha, Alex Cusack or even Trent Johnston.

It would have been a low-risk strategy and could have unearthed a replacement for when Cassell moved on or up.

However, the 'powers that be' didn't see it that way.

They vetoed the move, leaving Cassell with little option but to resign. It appears a mean-spirited decision, and far removed from the ethos and spirit that has made Irish cricket what it is today.

The announcement in midweek made no secret of the fact that Cassell wanted to remain in Ireland where he and his family had settled.

"Whilst I was hopeful of continuing my role with Cricket Ireland long term and combining this with the IPL position this was not possible given the upcoming series against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh clashing during the IPL window."

I can't get my head around why they are allowing him to leave. To lose a coach of his calibre will surely weaken Irish cricket. The tributes paid to him this week show the esteem in which he is held by those who he has worked with at all levels.

Is it too late for Ireland to reconsider?

Hopefully not.