Section One Player of the Year

Winner Ė Stephen Bunting

Honourable mentions: Wayne Horwood

Woodvale were by far and away the best side in Section One this season and were able to take that leap from contenders to champions. Without having access to any statistics for the S1 campaign and having watched limited action in the competition, I am relying a lot on scorecards and statistics for this selection.

I played in two games for my home club Armagh this season against Holywood, where David Kennedy took 8-29 in the first innings before Ross Adair smashed 70* from what felt like 30 balls, and a comfortable win against Ballymena.

Bunting features on almost every scorecard in some fashion, be that with bat or ball, with a couple of six wicket hauls scattered in there while Horwood played a great role at the top of the order setting a platform for the Ballygomartin Road men.

It is a big jump to the Premier League but theyíve two proven performers already in their side and will need to recruit smartly.

One thing I would change for 2020?

Answer: White ball Premier League

Not really an award as such but it was included on Twitter so thought this was as good a place to answer it as any. I am a big advocate for a 10-team Premier League but I donít know if I want it put in place for the 2020 season because the team coming second in Section One didnít know they were playing for that and mightnít be ready, but if they are happy to be promoted then Iím all for it.

If we have 10 teams who all play each other once and then the league is split into two groups of five, I believe it would produce more competitive cricket with the last four games of the season being played between teams of the similar standard and could also help the need to spend big money knowing those teams who are looking to survive will be playing against each other in the remaining weeks.

One thing that I would really love to see tested is a white-ball, coloured kit Premier League. I donít know if itís just me, but turning up to watch a white-ball game is more exciting and it feels conducive to better games, more runs and a better spectacle.

The best times of the season are always big cup games (which are all white ball) and I would be interested to see if that would translate into the league.