Ireland has released details of six bowling sessions aimed to uncover raw bowling talent, inviting boys and girls between 13 and 18 years of age to register their interest in attending and showing their bowling skills in front of national talent pathway coaches.

National Talent Pathway Manager and Coach, Albert van der Merwe  explained the rationale behind the sessions: “While we have robust talent identification processes in place, and great coaches to guide and work with the players in each Provincial Union, kids develop at different rates – some players show flashes of raw talent early, while others take time to find their game.

"Just take George Dockrell, for example – he was a young tearaway pace bowler when he started out, and it just took a good coach with an eye for talent to see his potential as a spinner. This has led him to a decade in the national team so far.

"No matter how good a system is though, there is always the potential for some players to slip through the net. So during the month of October, we will be running six separate sessions in three locations across Ireland searching for young players that could become Ireland’s next generation of bowlers.

"We’re looking for fast bowlers, slow bowlers, bowlers who swing it or bowlers who spin it. Players in Leinster, Northern and North West provincial unions will be able to attend local sessions, while players from other parts of the country will be encouraged to register at their nearest session.”


  • NCU Fast Bowling Session - 11 October, 6pm-9pm, University of Ulster, Jordanstown
  • CL/MCU Fast Bowling - 13 October, 9am-12pm, North County CC
  •  NCU Spin Bowling - 18 October, 6pm-9pm, University of Ulster, Jordanstown
  • CL/MCU Spin Bowling - 20 October, 9am-12pm, North County CC
  • NWCU Fast Bowling, 25 October, 6pm-9pm, Bready CC
  • NWCU Spin Bowling, 1 November, 6pm-9pm, Bready CC