It was 'all hands on deck' for Downpatrick as they rallied to the cause of survival turning out a side of regulars against an understrength Donacloney Mill.

For Bangor it was a case of sitting on the sidelines and hoping for the good fortune that had gone the way of Lisburn last weekend.

Alas for them it was not to be, as in warm September sunshine Downpatrick had the fixture as good as won by the change of innings.

A hard hitting 68* from Gavin Ringland was the feature of the innings and when he took 23 of the 24 runs off a McCart 20th over the sense of relief in the visitors' camp was palpable as they ended with 146/9.

Andrew Bingham took 2-17 but Stephen Hanna's spell of 1-14 off four overs impressed as having been hit for a 6 second ball, he only conceded singles otherwise in what was another 'final appearance', his third this season!

Downpatrick were understandably upbeat in the field, confident of defending their total and worked their way through the inexperienced 'Cloney Mlil line up.

A defiant 32 from McCart was not enough to threaten and the Bangor representative in the crowd left before the end knowing what the outcome was going to be.

A solid performance from a Downpatrick side that caused you to wonder how they were in the precarious position they found themselves at the start of the day.

So Bangor relegated along with Holywood to Section 2 and while the Bangor spectator left early the Holywood one was still there at the end saying how much he looked forward to visiting Upritchard Park next year!

If the game at the Factory Ground was a crucial one the 'nothing to play for' matches continued in the Premier on Friday and Saturday.

North Down cruised past Warigstown at the Lawn on Saturday - Ruhan Pretorius with 73 and 3-9 while young Matthew Daly 37* and Ross Waite 32 top scored for the home side, North Down winning by nine wickets.

Friday's game between CSNI and Instonians was a case of runs and wickets for the usual suspects and with more excitement in the Twittersphere about the 'supporting cast' than the match itself.

September matches are always liable to have an 'end of term feeling' about them when there is nothing at stake, in stark contrast to the 'life and death' matches of just a week ago.

While talk continues around the League structures it might be worth considering how to prolong the relevance of games which at present are treated more of an inconvenience than anything else.



Donacloney Mill lost to Downpatrick by 44 runs. Factory Ground, 14 September.
Downpatrick 146-6 (20.0 overs, G Ringland 68*, A Bingham 2-17)
Donacloney Mill 102-9 (20.0 overs, S McCart 32, C Martin 2-6, C Boultwood 2-13, T Pilon 2-22)


Waringstown lost to North Down by 9 wickets. The Lawn, 14 September.
Waringstown 115-7 (20.0 overs, M Daly 37*, R Waite 32, R Pretorius 3-9, C Robinson 2-23)
North Down 117-1 (16.0 overs, R Pretorius 73, P Eakin 32*)

Instonians beat CSNI by 9 runs. Shaw's Bridge, 13 September.
Instonians 160-7 (20.0 overs, M Commins 57, J Hunter 41, Nikolai Smith 29, M Aaahil 4-27)
CSNI 151-6 (20.0 overs, M Ellison 49, C Goodall 46, J Rose 2-12)