It was all down to experience, or perhaps the inexperience of youth as Muckamore threw away a winning hand against Waringstown at Moylena.

The win was all but assured when Lazars and Gordon were together at the crease and luck seemed to be going their way also as more than one simple chance was dropped.
But the departure of both in close order opened the door as desperation seemed to afflict the rest of the batting - 'too many trying to be the hero' was one remark heard as there were swings and misses - fortunately the occasional boundary was just about keeping things on track as it came down to the final over.

The 'old heads' on the sidelines were calling for calm and 'contact' from the batters as the tension mounted. 6 from 6 was the equation to win but in reality 5 and a tie would have ensured safety.

A swing and a miss at the first two deliveries had the sages shaking their heads but a scrambled bye to the keeper was better than nothing.
A driven two was followed by a 22 yard run out!
A single off the fifth and then........

One required from the last ball to tie and survival was only 22 yards away - a yard too far as James Mitchell made ground to field off his own bowling at short extra cover and then won the race back to the bowling end to break the wicket and Muckamore hearts.

They will need to lift themselves again quickly for the visit of Instonians early Sunday morning in what will again be a do-or-die encounter.

Muckamore v Waringstown, at Moylena 7 September (M2)

Waringstown 146/7 (20 overs: G Thompson 33, M McClean 28, H Azam 27, A Dennison 26; P Karthik 2-22, S Henderson 2-27)
Muckamore 145/8 (20 overs; S Lazars 56, S Gordon 25; K McCallan 3-22, L Nelson 2-30)

Waringstown win by 1 run.