An interesting game took place at Moylena on Friday afternoon between teams made up of very aged former top class players who turned out for Muckamore in the 60s and 70s.

Namely, John McCormick, Paddy O’Hara, Freddy Ashton, Harry McFadden, Benny Craig, Hewitt Law, Philip Dewes, Sinclair Hamilton, Andy Clement, Stewart McFarland and Trevor Barnett.

They were cushioned in their contributions by Leslie Allen, Neil Gill, Mark McNeill, David Irvine, Richard Keates, Luke Allen, Jude Keates, David Miller, Philip Skillen, Jamie Jackson and Jackie Robinson.

The brainchild of former Chairman Hewitt Law it took several months to get this game organised and as he said ‘it fulfilled things that were on my ‘Bucket List’ for this game. To resurrect and persuade these gentlemen to come out of retirement to bask in their former glory; To proudly captain, bowl and lead his team to the narrow victory’.

John McCormick captained the Muckamore Legends team which batted first to score 95 runs in their allocated 20 overs. John opened the innings and batted confidently for 10 overs before he retired unbeaten after scoring 10 runs. Harry McFadden followed to score 12 runs followed by Trevor Barnett who scored 10 runs, then by Philip Dewes with 9 runs and the innings ended with the determined Paddy O’Hara reviving old memories, remaining unbeaten on three runs.

Hewitt Law and Freddie Ashton opened the batting for the Muckamore All Stars team and they unbelievably came and went as their rusty skills were stretched to the limit. Andy Clement, Sinclair Hamilton briefly appeared before Benny Craig’s defensive play allowed him to finish unbeaten on 18 runs before Stewart McFarland was bowled off the penultimate ball, going for the winning hit.

Jackie Robinson faced the last ball and in the confusion she scrambled the runs needed to clinch the victory.

Speaking afterwards John McCormick thanked Hewitt Law for organising this very enjoyable game and his family for laying on the beautiful afternoon tea for everyone in attendance. Then on behalf of the Muckamore Club John presented Hewitt’s daughter Barbara Moiservici with a donation to the Real Hope Charity who she works for here and in Romania.