Jack Riley
A good steady player, uncomplicated and accomplished player, who tries to play properly, A pleasure to see a proper young player as opposed to the plethora of flash knights that are eminent.

Kyle Welsh
A capable batsman who has the ability to bowl. Has had limited opportunities at higher levels in the last 12 months- needs these opportunities to blossom.

Gavin Whipp
A talented cricketer. Has the ability to bat well and has a useful string to his game he's a leg spinner. Looking for the necessary stage to make a mark.

Cieron Stenton
He made the trip last year to Belfast. Has shown good improvement since then in both his batting and his wicket keeping ability. Needs the opportunity to develop.

Sheryaar Ali
Another very young player who made the trip last year. Has shown good progress in the last twelve months and is yearning to make a big impression as a classy batsman. This is another wonderful chance for him to progress again.

Will Nicholson
He is one for the future. Bat bowl and field are all within his scope. He has much to do to mature and progress to the next levels but it won't be for want of trying. He shows a fine spirit and just needs to mature into the different disciplines in a steady progressive way.

Jay Smith
Travelled to Belfast last year and enjoyed the experience. He has blossomed this year into a fine seam bowler and at times with good pace. Inconsistency is his nemesis at times but that aspect of his game has started to improve. He is starting to make his way into senior cricket at a good standard. This is most promising.

Lewis Lomax
A fine young talent. He gained wonderful experience last year in Belfast when he was giving most of the boys three years. The fact that he held his own speaks volumes about his ability. He is blossoming with every year. His off spin bowling is a joy to watch when he finds the rthymn. And for one so young.

Werner (Boeta) Beukes
A very capable accomplished player. Has all the ingredients to produce a polished performance. Wonderful timer of the ball. He needs to learn to go deep into games and showcase all he has to offer. To do so he needs to learn about approach to batsmanship. Thats proving not as easy as it sounds but he has a maturity that will see him come through. He is fast making his way in the senior ranks.

James Rhodes
A capable young batsman who is looking to mark a mark on this tour. He would benefit in doing well so that he may elevate himself to the next level. He has the talent. He needs the opportunity to do so. Starting to break through into senior cricket ranks.

Jake Marshall
A very talented young cricketer. Has the chance to mark a real impact here. The chance to play against different players in different environments has its appeal. He'll relish the chance and will benefit greatly from such experiences.

Dan Kilby
A useful young player who is deserving of the opportunity to gain experience from a tour like this. He will be wanting the chance to develop his batting as well as his wicketkeeping. He has a good approach to his cricket. Furthermore he has the determination to do well.

Bob Wincer (Player/Coach)
Derbyshire CCC , Natal Cricket Association, South Australia Cricket Association.

Graham Orange (Player/Coach)
York CC, Yorkshire Coaches Association, top Yorkshire League Umpire