It took until the second round of sudden death before Waringstown secured the hit that sees them progress to next weekend's Irish Senior Cup semi-final clash with CIYMS.

With rain preventing any play at Shaw's Bridge it was unfortunate but inevitable that the game should be decided by a bowl out.

Those with long memories can remember the introduction of this form of tie-breaker, when the players at the time discussed how terrible it would be "If you were the one to miss!"

However it quickly became apparent in the first few that took place that MISS was in fact the norm and that a HIT was a rarer occurance, a pattern that has continued and was evidenced again today.

With Waringstown, first up it was Kyle McCallan who recorded the first 'miss' which was then matched by Shane Getkate for Instonians.

Haseeb Azam and Josh Manley sent down another pair that failed to find the target and it wasn't until Gary Kidd third up for Waringstown got the ball rolling with a 'hit'.
Andrew White matched that and after three rounds of the five the score was 1-1.

Rounds four and five produced no more successes with James Hall and Lee Nelson blanking for Waringstown and Ben Rose and Nikolai Smith doing likewise.

Into sudden death then with a re-run of the initial order - a 'miss' by McCallan meant that Getkate had a chance to win it, but it was not to be.

A 'hit' by Azam meant that the pressure was now on Josh Manley who needed to 'hit' to keep the contest going and his subsequent 'miss' meant that after 7 rounds Waringstown were 2-1 winners.

Waringstown's prize is that they travel to CIYMS next Sunday 4th August still in a competition of which they are champions, everyone hoping that it will decided on the pitch eleven v eleven.