The first round of the Irish youth interprovincial series was due to get under way at Phoenix on Tuesday, but was abandoned without a ball being bowled.

Leinster were due to meet Munster in the U17 interpros but with no play possible it's not the greatest start for the youth season.

The next game in the U17 series will see the defending champions NCU host the NW at Lisburn on June 30.

The four sides will then play their annual tournament in Belfast from July 7 to 11, with the remaining two 50-over clashes followed by three T20 matches, replicating the successful experiment last year.

Campbell College and Holywood will host all the matches, except for one - the NCU against Munster 50-over clash which will be at Bangor.

Meanwhile the U15 interpros will start on June 23, when the NW will entertain the NCU at Fox Lodge.

Munster will host reigning champions Leinster at the Richard Beamish Grounds on June 26th, before all four teams will assemble in Belfast for the tournament proper.

Holywood and Campbell College will once again be the venues for the sides, with the competition running from July 1 to 5.



June 23 NW v NCU (Fox Lodge 12pm)
June 26 Munster v Leinster (Richard Beamish Grounds 12pm)
July 1 Leinster v NW (Holywood 12pm)
July 1 NCU v Munster (Campbell College 12pm)
July 2 NCU v Leinster (Holywood 11am)
July 2 NW v Munster (Campbell 11am)
July 3 Leinster v Munster (Holywood 10am)
July 3 NCU v NW (Campbell 10am)
July 3 NW v Leinster (Holywood 2.30pm)
July 3 NCU v Munster (Campbell 2.30pm)
July 5 NCU v Leinster (Holywood 11am)
July 5 NW v Munster (Campbell 11am)


June 4 Leinster v Munster (Phoenix 12pm) Match Abandoned
June 30 NCU v NW (Lisburn 12pm)
July 7 NW v Munster (Campbell 12pm)
July 7 NCU v Leinster (Holywood 12pm)
July 8 NCU v Munster (Bangor 11am)
July 8 Leinster v NW (Campbell 11am)
July 9 NW v Munster (Campbell 10am)
July 9 NCU v Leinster (Holywood 10am)
July 9 NCU v NW (Campbell 2.30pm)
July 9 Munster v Leinster (Holywood 2.30pm)
July 11 NCU v Munster (Campbell 11am)
July 11 Leinster v NW (Holywood 11am)