The Super 3 schedule for the summer has been revealed, and in an attempt to spread the women's cricket gospel, the teams will be heading north for the second time in the competition, to Holywood.

The teams previously played at Bready in 2016, when Amy Kenealy took a five-wicket haul, but the rain saw the game abandoned at the half-way stage.

The emphasis is mostly on T20 matches, with 12 scheduled over four separate days, with North Kildare hosting the opener, Oak Hills the venue for the nest two days, and YMCA the final day.

There are just three 50-over matches, with Oak Hill the venue once again for the first two, while Holywood as mentioned plays host on Sunday July 21st.


 Sun 19 MAY (all at North Kildare)

  • S3-20 Scorchers v Dragons 10am
  • S3-20 Typhoons v Scorchers 1:30pm
  • S3-20 Dragons v Typhoons 5pm

Sat 15 June

  • S3-50 Scorchers v Typhoons Oak Hill 11am

Sun 16 June

  • S3-50 Dragons v Scorchers Oak Hill 11am

Sun 23 June (all at Oak Hill)

  • S3-20 Typhoons v Scorchers 10am
  • S3-20 Dragons v Typhoons 1:30pm
  • S3-20 Dragons v Scorchers 5pm

Sat 29 June (all at Oak Hill)

  • S3-20 Dragons v Typhoons 10am
  • S3-20 Scorchers v Dragons 1:30pm
  • S3-20 Scorchers v Typhoons 5pm

Sun 21 July 

S3-50 Typhoons v Dragons Holywood 1pm

Sun 28 July (all at YMCA)

  • S3-20 Dragons v Typhoons 10am
  • S3-20 Typhoons v Scorchers 1.30pm
  • S3-20 Scorchers v Dragons 5pm