• Skipper- Stephen Hutchinson
  • Overseas player- Graham Hume
  • Ins- Dominic Madden
  • Outs- Marcus Poskitt

While there may not be that much actual movement at Sandel Lodge this season, there is still some uncertainty surrounding the availability of some of Coleraine's big-game players for the upcoming summer.

Marcus Poskitt's move to Bready is a huge blow as it takes a genuine top order batsman out of the equation at a time when they can ill afford it.

On top of that there are nagging doubts over the extended availability of former skipper Scott Campbell, as well as both Tim and Rishi Chopra.

Complicating matters still further, Paul Douglas is believed to be unavailable for the entire summer having gone abroad to work, leaving new skipper Stephen Hutchinson without a recognised wicket-keeper.

It isn't all doom and gloom obviously; Coleraine do boast the services of arguably the best overseas player in the region in Graham Hume.

The South African is returning again for another summer on the North coast and much of their hope will depend on him this year.

Skipper Hutchinson refused to get to downbeat ahead of the start and said there was further good news for the club in that Varun Chopra now looks likely to be available for the entire summer.

"Things are a bit up in the air at the minute in terms of availability of some players, however we remain hopeful that we will have these guys more often than not throughout the season" he said.

"Scott will hopefully be available most weeks at the front end of the summer and having Varun available pretty much throughout the season is a real boost.

"We will just have to play it by ear in terms of Rishi's availability and it's unlikely we will be able to call on Tim too much this year.

"Dominic Madden is a top order batsman who played at the club a few years back and who is now likely to come into the first team squad.

"We do of course have a real quality player in Graham and despite those availability problems I would like to think we still have enough about us to keep us at least competitive in the Premier Division."

Hutchinson is another in a batch of young and inexperienced captains being favoured by some clubs this season.

He has of course been in the senior ranks with Coleraine for several years now and despite being just 22 years of age, said he was really excited and looking forward to the opportunity to captain his hometown club.

It is likely to be a fiery baptism for him in 2019 however with Hume as his vice-captain, there is every chance that Hutchinson can steer the ship away from any troubled waters.