• Skipper- Mike Erlank
  • Overseas player- Mike Erlank
  • Ins- Stephen Dunn, Matthew Mills
  • Outs- Ross Allen

The villagers looked to be a club in disarray at the end of last season but seem to have rallied considerably since the start of the year.

Despite rumours of wholesale change it would appear that it is two in and one out for 2019; although the loss of Ross Allen is undoubtedly a blow.

Stuart Thompson's commitment to the villagers will have been a huge boost as it looked for all the world that the Ireland International was on the move. Just how much club cricket their talisman will play remains seen given his major representative committments this summer.

Keeping Thompson has almost certainly enabled them to hang on to several others who might otherwise have gone as well and there is no doubting the optimism heading into the new campaign.

A spokesman for the villagers suggested that despite all the rumour and innuendo, confidence was high that they will be competitive.

"There's an air of optimism about the club. There was talk that we would be losing a lot of players but that hasn't been the case.

"Stephen Dunn will bring a cutting edge to the bowling attack and don't rule out the possibility that we may introduce another face to the squad before the opening day."

Rumours linking Decker Curry to the County Derry club have so far proved unfounded but they refuse to go away.

In Erlank they have an overseas player of quality and there seems little doubt that Thompson will be around for enough of the summer for those two to help them steer clear of trouble.

Whether they can challenge at the other end remains to be seen, and could be dictated by whether or not they can get that extra quality in before the big kick-off.