Having fallen asleep fully clothed with the lights on the night before, then waking at 2am, today was a quiet one dedicated to catching up on sleep and chilling.

My hotel the Solitaire is on the outskirts of the city and is not as caught up in the traffic and hub-bub of the city centre.

To say that the roads are crowded is an understatement. Use of the pavement is optional. The roads are filled with buses, cars, tuk-tuks, people, dogs and cattle. All seeming to ignore the others yet no one collides and no one gets injured. If there’s one rule it is there are no rules!

The hotel is surrounded by green fields and with the Himalayan peaks in the near distance, very picturesque.

In the evening the lads had invited me to dinner. The lads being the Sunbury CC regulars (see picture) at dinner. I left it to them to pick the restaurant.

They must have had some insider knowledge as it was very good even if the sweet and sour chicken was almost a soup and the chicken rice and noodles arrived sans chicken.

Probably why also in the restaurant at the IDA hotel were William Porterfield, Ross McCollum, Niall O’Brien, Phil Simmons and his lovely wife Jace. Very popular.

As you would expect cricket and in particular Balbo’s innings were initial topics discussed but our time together at Sunbury, our families and the future were the main areas.

Current affairs was the culmination but we wisely avoided any mention of the 'B' word - Brexit. An enjoyable two hours with family and good friends full of laughs and anecdotes flew by and It was very heartening that the lads were able to find this time to relax.

All justifiably looking forward with renewed optimism for the rest of the tour.

Roll on Friday and the fourth ODI!