The NW have announced the Championship and Sammy Jeffrey Shield fixtures and dates for the forthcoming season.

Newbuildings host Fox Lodge on the opening day of the campaign, while Bonds Glen entertain Drummond.

Ardmore have home advantage over St Johnston, while Burndennett entertain Killyclooney.

There's a break from league action on Saturday May 4th as the teams play in the Sammy Jeffrey Shield opening round.

Fox Lodge face Newbuildings again, as do Burndennett and Killyclooney, while Drummond play St Johnston, and Ardmore play Bonds Glen.

There's a break in tradition this year, with the final switched to Fox Lodge from Eglinton, and that takes place on the 23rd and 24th of August at Ballymagorry.

Championship Fixtures 2019

Sat 27th April

  • Newbuildings v Fox Lodge
  • Bonds Glen v Drummond
  • Burndennett v Killyclooney
  • Ardmore v St Johnston

Sat 18th May

  • Drummond v Newbuildings
  • Killyclooney v Fox Lodge
  • Ardmore v Bonds Glen
  • Burndennett v St Johnston

Sat 1st June

  • Newbuildings v Killyclooney
  • Drummond v Ardmore
  • Fox Lodge v St Johnston
  • Bonds Glen v Burndennett

Sat 8th June

  • Ardmore v Newbuildings
  • Killyclooney v St Johnston
  • Burndennett v Drummond
  • Bonds Glen v Fox Lodge

Sat 15th June

  • St Johnston v Newbuildings
  • Ardmore v Burndennett
  • Killyclooney v Bonds Glen
  • Drummond v Fox Lodge

Sat 22nd June

  • Burndennett v Newbuildings
  • Bonds Glen v St Johnston
  • Fox Lodge v Ardmore
  • Drummond v Killyclooney

Sat 29th June

  • Newbuildings v Bonds Glen
  • Burndennett v Fox Lodge
  • St Johnston v Drummond
  • Killyclooney v Ardmore

Sat 6th July

  • Fox Lodge v Newbuildings
  • Drummond v Bonds Glen
  • Killyclooney v Burndennett
  • St Johnston v Ardmore

Sat 13th July

  • Newbuildings v Drummond
  • Fox Lodge v Killyclooney
  • Bonds Glen v Ardmore
  • St Johnston v Burndennett

Sat 20th July

  • Killyclooney v Newbuildings
  • Ardmore v Drummond
  • St Johnston v Fox Lodge
  • Burndennett v Bonds Glen

Sat 27th July

  • Newbuildings v Ardmore
  • St Johnston v Killyclooney
  • Drummond v Burndennett
  • Fox Lodge v Bonds Glen

Sat 10th August

  • Newbuildings v St Johnston
  • Burndennett v Ardmore
  • Bonds Glen v Killyclooney
  • Fox Lodge v Drummond

Sat 24th August

  • Newbuildings v Burndennett
  • St Johnston v Bonds Glen
  • Ardmore v Fox Lodge
  • Killyclooney v Drummond

Sat 31st August

  • Bonds Glen v Newbuildings
  • Fox Lodge v Burndennett
  • Drummond v St Johnston
  • Ardmore v Killyclooney

Sammy Jeffrey Shield Fixtures & Key Dates 2019

Sat 4th May

  • Drummond v St Johnston
  • Ardmore v Bonds Glen
  • Fox Lodge v Newbuildings
  • Burndennett v Killyclooney

Sun 12th May Sammy Jeffrey Shield 1st Round reserve date

Sun 28th July Sammy Jeffrey Shield Semi-Finals Any replays needed at the SF stage to be played on or before Sunday 18th August

Sammy Jeffrey Shield Final Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th August Venue Fox Lodge CC