The NWCU have unveiled the Premier League fixtures ahead of the start of the season on Saturday April 27th.

Bready start their defence of the Long's Supervalu Premiership with a tricky away clash at Beechgrove against Senior Cup holders Brigade in the tie of the day.

The two newly promoted sides also face tough away day assignments, with Glendermott at Donemana, and Ballyspallen travelling to Coleraine.

Strabane host Eglinton in the other clash.


Sat 27th April

  • Strabane v Eglinton
  • Coleraine v Ballyspallen
  • Brigade v Bready
  • Donemana v Glendermott

Sat 4th May

  • Ballyspallen v Eglinton
  • Bready v Strabane
  • Donemana v Coleraine
  • Glendermott v Brigade

Sat 18th May

  • Eglinton v Bready
  • Ballyspallen v Donemana
  • Glendermott v Strabane
  • Coleraine v Brigade

Sat 1st June

  • Donemana v Eglinton
  • Bready v Glendermott
  • Brigade v Ballyspallen
  • Coleraine v Strabane

Sat 8th June

  • Glendermott v Eglinton
  • Brigade v Donemana
  • Bready v Coleraine
  • Strabane v Ballyspallen

Sat 15th June

  • Eglinton v Brigade
  • Coleraine v Glendermott
  • Strabane v Donemana
  • Ballyspallen v Bready

Sat 29th June

  • Coleraine v Eglinton
  • Brigade v Strabane
  • Glendermott v Ballyspallen
  • Donemana v Bready

Sat 6th July

  • Eglinton v Strabane
  • Ballyspallen v Coleraine
  • Bready v Brigade
  • Glendermott v Donemana

Sat 13th July

  • Eglinton v Ballyspallen
  • Strabane v Bready
  • Coleraine v Donemana
  • Brigade v Glendermott

Sat 20th July

  • Bready v Eglinton
  • Donemana v Ballyspallen
  • Strabane v Glendermott
  • Brigade v Coleraine

Sat 27th July

  • Eglinton v Donemana
  • Glendermott v Bready
  • Ballyspallen v Brigade
  • Strabane v Coleraine

Sat 10th August

  • Eglinton v Glendermott
  • Donemana v Brigade
  • Coleraine v Bready
  • Ballyspallen v Strabane

Sat 24th August

  • Brigade v Eglinton
  • Glendermott v Coleraine
  • Donemana v Strabane
  • Bready v Ballyspallen

Sat 31st August

  • Eglinton v Coleraine
  • Strabane v Brigade
  • Ballyspallen v Glendermott
  • Bready v Donemana