A report in The Telegraph suggests a European T20 league featuring teams from Ireland, Scotland and The Netherlands could be launched as early as this year.

Journalist Tim Wigmore's exclusive suggests that it would be run on a franchise basis with six teams, two from each country.

The three countries met in Dublin last year to discuss various plans, and it appears this is one possibility.

Ireland opted out of  participating in the now defunct North Sea Series, preferring to concentrate on their own interpro series.

The change of heart Wigmore suggests is the interest from Indian sports marketing firm Mercuri, which invested heavily in the Global T20 Canada League last year.

There are no doubt major challenges to be overcome, including the notoriously unreliable weather in the Celtic countries.

The August/September timeline would offer a good chance of favourable conditions, but on the downside there are clashes with the ECB Blast competition, the Caribbean Premier League plus the Ashes.

With organisers hoping to attract a significant number of overseas players, it's unlikely to have many well-known A-listers.

It's no doubt an ambitious project, and if the finances are being backed and guaranteed by Mercuri, then it's one that the respective Boards may opt for, although given the time-frames, a launch in 2020 would appear to be a more realistic date than 2019.

You can read the full article here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2019/02/05/european-t20-league-may-launch-year-crickets-answer-pro14/