Cricket Leinster Youth’s Forty-Five Ireland Selections

Cricket Leinster Youth (CLY) were delighted to see current and recent alumni members receive forty-five selections in the Cricket Ireland (CI) squads unveiled last week.

Forty-five taken in isolation is simply a number. Placed into context, it represents over fifty percent of all players selected as current cricketers with the Union of Leinster and ensures CLY proudly continues to be the largest contributor to CI squads.

Cricket Leinster’s new strategic plan placed ‘High Performance’ (page 4) as one of its focuses and its goal to build on the importance of Club Cricket as a pathway to further honours.

CLY was very proud to be highlighted as a critical part of the strategic plan, and these announcements from Cricket Ireland graphically demonstrate the quality of graduates already coming through the CLY programme.

Ten out of fifteen players selected to the CI Academy squads came through the CLY programme, showing the foundation is being built in these players to reach the highest levels in Ireland.

It is CLY’s hope that those who move into the CI squads will further move into the pathways for selections into the elite Union teams during 2019 as the Lightning squads undergoes a natural transformation with retirements producing a double ‘tick’ for the CLY in CL strategic plan goals.

Philip Smith, Cricket Leinster GM was delighted not just with the selections but wished to pay credit to the work done by all involved noting ‘I congratulate all Leinster players selected. But I would like them, and all in Cricket Leinster to acknowledge this is no one-off but is the product of the work of CLY in producing a united pathway of opportunities linking-in with CL schools, clubs and coaches to help our young cricketers have the best chance to advance in the game’.

Cricket Development Manager Brían O’Rourke further noted ‘we are still awaiting the girls and ladies’ selections where I am hopeful once again Cricket Leinster will be highly represented and acknowledge the hard work put in by the Leinster clubs and CLY coaching team to create what we believe is the leading programme for girls in the country’.

Cricket Ireland Senior Academy 2019

  • Gareth Delany (Leinster)
  • Stephen Doheny (Rush)
  • JJ Garth (Pembroke)
  • Fionn Hand (North County)
  • Max Neville (Merrion)
  • Neil Rock (Rush)

Cricket Ireland Emerging Academy 2019

  • Gavin Hoey (Pembroke)
  • Nathan McGuire (Rush)
  • Tim Tector (YMCA)
  • Mitchel Thompson (YMCA)

Cricket Ireland U19 Training Squad 2019

  • JJ Garth (Pembroke)
  • Gavin Hoey (Pembroke)
  • Cillian McDonnell (YMCA)
  • Alex Neary (Rush)
  • Cian Nulty (The Hills)
  • Neil Rock (Rush)
  • Alex Stiles (Railway Union)
  • Tim Tector (YMCA)
  • Mitchell Thompson (YMCA)

Cricket Ireland U17 Training Squad 2019

  • Ben Brownlee (YMCA)
  • SJ de Klerk (YMCA)
  • Gavin Hoey (Pembroke)
  • Seamus Lynch (Terenure)
  • Cillian McDonnell (YMCA)
  • Nathan McGuire (Rush)
  • Scott Ruttle (Pembroke)
  • Alex Stiles (Railway Union)
  • Tim Tector (YMCA)
  • Mitchell Thompson (YMCA)

Cricket Ireland U15 Training Squad 2019

  • Eoin Birch (Balbriggan)
  • Wilhelm de Klerk (YMCA)
  • Jamie Forbes (YMCA)
  • Daniel Forkin (Merrion)
  • Philippe Le Roux (Railway Union)
  • Ahmed Shah (Phoenix)
  • Andrew Tonge (Leinster)
  • Mark Tonge (Leinster)
  • Luke Whelan (North County)

Cricket Ireland U13 CUBS Training Squad 2019

  • Shawaiz Atif (Adamstown)
  • Macdara Cosgrove (Pembroke)
  • Niall Cox (Clontarf)
  • Ryan Graham (North County)
  • Srihan Karpe (YMCA)
  • Olly Reilly (YMCA)
  • Matthew Weldon (The Hills)
  • Reuben Wilson (Phoenix)