The NWCU is to hold an open meeting next Thursday evening at Eglinton Cricket Club (7pm) in keeping with the governance changes voted in by delegates at last year's AGM.

Following a Board of Control meeting last night it was agreed that next week's meeting would be the ideal platform to discuss some fairly unique proposals ahead of the 2019 AGM next Spring.

The North West is encouraging as many people as possible to attend the meeting so that they can garner opinion on several issues, including the results of a recent club and player survey.

Perhaps the most far-reaching suggestion that the Union wishes members to discuss however is a closer alignment between the senior leagues and the domestic T20 competition.

The North West is clearly still looking to find the best format for their T20 group phases, and may now have come up with a winning formula.

The Union is expected to put forward for consideration a suggestion that the T20 competition be played as a 'Super 8' in each division, obviously meaning that Premiership teams would play each other once, with a similar fornat employed in the Championship.

As well as the top sides in each competition making it through to the knock-out stages however, all teams would also be awarded 5 league points for each win in the T20 competition.

Because this would obviously mean extra T20 games, the NWCU will ask clubs to consider doing away with league replays to facilitate the new format.

A Union spokesman emphasised that this suggestion was only being put forward for discussion at this stage, however it could be put into practice as early as next season if enough support was forthcoming.

"The results of the recent player survey sent us a clear message that few, if any, want to play league cricket in midweek or want to play weekend double-headers."

"We want to explore the various options to make that a reality and doing away with league replays would be a massive step towards that aim."

"Players would also be able to look at their fixtures at the start of the season and plan ahead without having to worry about rearranged games."

"Awarding 5 league points for T20 wins would also add a meaningful twist to the T20 competition and allow us something with a lot more substance to take to potential sponsors."

"The general feeling is that the new concept has plenty going for it however we would stress again that this is very much a fledgling suggestion and at this point we would only be asking for support to develop it into a firm proposal."

"We also believe that this meeting will show that positive and meaningful work is currently going on within the North West and we would encourage as many people as possible to come along whether they are club representatives or not."

"There will be some official business at the end of the meeting- delegates will then be asked to vote on other proposed rule changes so it is important that they attend too."

"A list of all rule change proposals is being emailed to clubs this weekend so it is essential that delegates have read through them as they will not be read again at the meeting."