Disappointing performance tonight. What do you think you guys could have done better?

KIM GARTH: I think all around really: Batting, bowling. A credit to New Zealand; I thought they bowled very well. And I think one positive for us is Gaby Lewis. And she'll be the first one to admit that she didn't have the best tournament up to this game.

But I think tonight showed that just a glimpse of what she can do and she's a huge player for us. So I think that's a massive positive for us. But again just I suppose batting. Again, we were happy enough with the powerplay. And I suppose similar enough to previous games, where once the powerplay was over, we kind of lost clusters of wickets again. And then with our bowling.

Look, I think the way Suzie Bates and Sophie Devine batted today, I think anybody would have found it hard to bowl with them. Yeah, we probably didn't bowl our best. But when two batters come out like that, I think they're trying to get the runs as quickly as they can, of course. Probably didn't bowl well either.

Q. In the tournament you've played with a tough group. But what are some of the positives Ireland could take from this experience?

KIM GARTH: I think we take so much from the World Cup, to be honest. Like, we don't play a lot of internationals as it is. So anytime we do play internationals, I think there's always learnings to be had. And I think we have learned a lot. I think some of the younger girls have actually stepped up quite well. And obviously we've got four retirees, four people retiring this evening. And so the younger girls are going to have to step up. I think they have done that at times during the World Cup, which is obviously a positive for us.

So I suppose when results really haven't gone your way, it can be hard to pick out positives. But I think, you know, there is some positives that we can take.

Q. The decision of the Joyce sisters, did you know about it beforehand?

KIM GARTH: No, we didn't.

Q. So the reaction?

KIM GARTH: Yeah, there's definitely a lot of tears. You know, Cecelia, Ciara, Shills and Isobel have been four incredible servants of Irish cricket. And I don't think Irish women's cricket will be anywhere near it is today without them. They're going to be a huge loss both on and off the field. They're absolute champions on the field but champions off the field as well. And yeah, we're going to miss them a lot. I think it's also -- it is extremely sad that they're retiring. It's going to be a different dynamic without them. It's going to be -- definitely big boots to fill, but I think we have some exciting young players coming through.

Q. When did you find out exactly?

KIM GARTH: After the game in the huddle.

Q. Can you share some of your favourite memories with them, memories that we may not have seen?
KIM GARTH: Isobel Joyce was my first roomie. I remember it was the 2010 football World Cup. And I was football mad growing up. She was my roomie. I remember like I was a bit scared to be on the team, to be honest.

I remember we sat watching the football, and I was like she was naming all the players, I was, like, how does she know so many players. And I think from then on I knew I was going to be friends with her.

And, of course, like, I'm obviously going to be friends with her. But I think that kind of stood out for me. And I played club cricket with Ciara and Shillers. So I'll be looking close to all the girls. We've had a lot of fantastic times together. As I said, they're going to be a huge loss.

Q. A lot of the younger girls talk about the seniors as almost like their mother or their aunt. Can you talk about how the setup is almost like a family to you?

KIM GARTH: Yeah, I think to start, all the girls are from Dublin. So we all trained together all the time. So, look, the setup in Irish cricket basically everyone knows everyone. And, yeah, the girls have been mentors to all of us and younger ones, and it's not like we just see them in an Irish jersey. We see them day in, day out. We play against them in our club. And we play against them in our domestic competition. We see them all the time. They're always there all the time whenever we need them. It's really like a family situation.

Q. And even from the other teams you seem to get a lot of respect from a lot of the other teams, a lot of people coming up and praising your games. What does it mean to you that something like Alyssa Healy may offer her support to you guys?

KIM GARTH: It means a lot to us, it really does. It's nice to know that everyone's behind us and people are acknowledging that we're in a difficult situation in that we're amateur. We don't want to use it as an excuse, but at the same time at the moment we have no international fixtures lined up for us.

And as well, like, girls, if they work nine to five and they have to come to training, tired, obviously. And, look, we're always up against it, playing against these teams who are training full time together. But as I said, it is fantastic to get especially during the week such support from other international cricketers.