Q. Quick game. Got to 100 caps. How did you find it out there?

KIM GARTH: Look, obviously it was a tough day at the office for us. We were really, really excited coming in the game. We're off the back of a big win for us against Sri Lanka, and I think we've been kind of -- we felt that we've been kind of trying to do that for years now. We felt like we can cause a few upsets and we still do. Don't get me wrong. But we're pretty disappointed with this evening's performance.

Q. What are the main things that disappointed you?
KIM GARTH: The bowling and batting. Bowling, like, we actually did a lot of homework for the game. And I don't think we executed them. All and at times we kind of looked like deer in headlights a bit. And that was disappointing.

I think we're pretty happy how we started with the bat. And I think we were 27-for-1 after the powerplay, which I think we would have taken before the game. We are wary about losing wickets in clusters and that's something we've really been working hard on, trying not to do. But I think once 2 and 3 fell, you know, that was kind of rough.

Q. Were you aware of the issue with the pitch? How many warnings did you sort of hear? And even before the game were you aware that they sort of were clamping down a bit?
KIM GARTH: We had seen this morning that there was, I think they were penalized 10 runs. So we were aware of that and -- I think we were aware of it anyway.

Q. Did you do anything differently, like --
KIM GARTH: Obviously probably not because we did get penalized. But that's something we're going to have to learn from going forward because against a side like Australia we absolutely can't afford to be penalized any runs.

Q. Did you think it was fair, the penalty? Didn't seem like she was going very fast?
KIM GARTH: I think she had been given a warning. I think rules are rules, and we broke them so we just need to learn from it. I think in previous competitions, like qualifiers, we've kind of been given two or three warnings before they do anything about it. Like we hadn't been penalized before for it.

Now we just need to learn from it and move on, and know that we're only going to get one warning and one warning only. And it's very simple; we just have to run off the wicket. That's it.

Q. You felt like you were going too far into the wicket?
KIM GARTH: I wasn't out there batting, so I can't really comment on that, sorry.

Q. Is part of the issue, do you think, the fact that the pitch is slow? So batters are naturally coming down the wicket anyway?
KIM GARTH: No. Look, I think pitches like these -- oh, sorry. Are you talking about in relation to running in the wicket?

Q. Yeah.
KIM GARTH: I don't think there's any excuse for it. You run one side of the wicket and the non-striker runs the other. I think it's pretty simple. Again as far as implementing the rules, and I think whereas before we had kind of got two or three warnings, but like -- it actually hasn't been an issue with our team. But, yeah, they're doing their job. And as I said, there's no excuse for it.

Q. Are you surprised, though? To see it happen three times penalties issued three times in two games seems to be pretty unusual.
KIM GARTH: It is a bit unusual. But I'm kind of more surprised that I suppose we didn't learn from it. And same with Pakistan. To do it once is criminal. But to do it twice is a bit of a brain explosion. And we definitely should have learned from that.

But, look, as I said, we'll just have to keep moving on and head into the next game, Pakistan. I think we're really excited for that one. And as I said before, we were coming off the back of the win against Sri Lanka, and we really feel like we can cause upsets in this tournament. Obviously it was going to be a tricky start against Australia. But we were very disappointed with today, but we'll just have to park it and train tomorrow.

Q. Just for you, like what's it like for you now coming into a World T20, just with the experiences that you've had like in the past 12 months?
KIM GARTH: It's so exciting. Like I can't -- for us, because we haven't managed to qualify for the 50-over World Cup. And we kind of -- we don't play as much cricket as the other teams. I think with the championship extending to 10 teams, obviously we need to make sure we're in the top 10 in two or three years' time. But when World Cup comes around it's incredibly exciting and it's like the highlight of all of our careers. So, yeah.

Q. Losing wickets in a cluster...how much of a concern is that for your batting lineup?
KIM GARTH: Yeah, obviously it's a concern. I think credit to Australia. They bowled quite well, and also the wicket is slow. It's not easy to bat on, but having said that, it's something we do talk about as well is scoring shot percentage. And when we've lost clusters of wickets we talk about just getting down the other end and turning out of the strike. And I think we managed to do that a bit better towards the back end of the innings.

But I think once we got stuck in the middle we kind of found it hard to get out of that rut. And, again, it's something we need to learn from. And it's something we have to work on going forward.

Q. Any positives coming out of this?
KIM GARTH: Any what, sorry?

Q. Any positives coming out of this matchup?
KIM GARTH: Yeah, look, obviously with the result really didn't go away. But I suppose it can only get better. (Laughter).

Q. We spoke about the Pakistan game. How much would it mean to Ireland to get that first World T20 win?
KIM GARTH: Look, it would be absolutely huge. Not that we're not gearing up for every game, but it's the one we're really targeting. Hopefully (indiscernible) if we can turn them over, we might be able to automatically qualify for the next World Cup.

But look, as I said, we had a convincing win against Sri Lanka the other day, and it was the type of cricket that we played that we were really happy with. And it was kind of the opposite of what we did today.

So, yeah, I think it's really important that we just park it and move on. But as I said, we're really excited and we're kind of marking this one as the big one, so ...

Q. You have a sense that having had success against one Asian team gives you confidence going against another Asian team who have heavy spin attack?
KIM GARTH: Absolutely. Look, I think all teams are going to come at us with a lot of spin, especially on these wickets. But no, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are similar enough sides in that they're very spin heavy. And I think their batting is actually quite similar as well. So, yeah, look we'll take our confidence from that.