The Americas region is now back involved with qualification for the 2021 women's world cup after originally being excluded.

When the pathway was originally announced just over a year ago, it was intended that the teams in the 2021 tournament would be hosts New Zealand, the top three (excluding the hosts) from the currently ongoing ICC Women's Championship. The remaining four spots would be filled from the World Cup qualifier, which would have consisted of the bottom four sides from that event plus six teams from four ICC regions.

Whilst it seemed likely that, as with qualifying for the upcoming Women's World Twenty20, that the USA would be included in European qualifying, the Americas region was otherwise set to be excluded.

However in a change of plans the ICC yesterday announced a new pathway. Now, hosts New Zealand plus the top four teams from the Women's Championship will automatically qualify for the World Cup. The bottom three teams will join Ireland, Bangladesh and one qualifier from each of the five ICC regions in the World Cup Qualifier.

Three teams from that qualifier will reach the World Cup, whilst the fourth and fifth place teams will gain/retain ODI status and a place in the newly expanded Women's ODI Championship from 2022.