Three Jersey senior squad players are currently developing their cricketing skills overseas.

Jonty Jenner is in Kenya with an MCC touring team where he has already played 3 matches and is looking forward to taking on the Kenya National Team in a 2 day fixture this week. Following the tour Jonty will fly to Melbourne where he will play club cricket this winter.

Elliot Miles is in Australia where he will spend the winter playing club cricket for Balmain South Sydney CC in Sydney and has already completed the first league fixture which ended in a draw after rain on the second day of the 2 day match. Elliot will also spend the next 3 months training with the ICP International Cricket Programme on a weekly basis.

Jake Dunford is in Japan on a coaching assignment as part of the MCC Young Cricketers Programme. Jake's coaching skills and enthusiasm have already made a big impression on the Japanese players.

All three young cricketers have been supported in some way by the Keith Dennis Foundation and the Jersey Cricket Board.