A meeting of two halves on Tuesday 9th October will see the winding up of the NCU as currently constituted and the first formal Annual Meeting of the new 'Company' that now is the NCU.

That said, there will be little on the agenda to raise the passions of those attending.

Not so many years ago the AGM was a night of proposals and counter-proposals, amendments, points of order and procedure and knife edge votes on 'professionals', bonus points, rearrangements and all other manner of tweaks to the ever growing rule book.

It has often been said that the rules are there only because sometime in the past 'someone' has tried to play the system to their advantage.

So perhaps the lack of proposals this time, there are 10 scheduled for a vote, and of these only 2 that could be regarded as anything other than the customary annual 'tidying up' of those that exist already is telling us something.

Can it be we've all been playing by the rules this year or is it that the rules have been refined such that there is nothing that requires change!

The nights where 20 or 30 Serials would be argued over have gone it seems - maybe the realisation that delegates came to the meeting mandated to vote a certain way and that no amount of passionate debate from the floor of the meeting could change that has finally sunk in.

So what is there to look forward to this time:
Following discussions with clubs regarding the structure of the Senior Leagues the proposal that goes for decision is the reduction of Section 1 of the Senior League to 8 sides from 2020.

This would mean that at the end of 2019 there would be no promotion from Section 2 or 3 and one Lurgan stalwart has already made it known that he sees that as the death knell for his club.
In his words the club would be prepared to see how 2019 went if there was the prospect of promotion back to Section 1 at the end of it, but if that carrot was not there.......

An amendment from the Larne club holds out a lifeline by proposing relegation/promotion playoffs at the end of next season which would offer a way back to Section 1.

That amendment is sure to have support from Section 2 and a number of Section 1 teams who may wish to ensure there's a place in the Larne lifeboat if required.

The only other proposal that will bring any dissent from the floor is the proposal to reduce from 50 to 40 the number of overs played in Junior 1.
The movement towards shorter and shorter matches has gained momentum over the years but what's interesting about this proposal is that it comes not from a club but the Board itself.

Coupled in with the change in Junior 1 the Board also seek that Senior League Section 2 matches can be reduced to 40 overs by agreement - a move that Derriaghy are seeking to amend to include Section 1.

The debate around shortening games is always a lively one so maybe next Tuesday's meeting will not be so dull as the Aganda suggests at first glance.