Rush have asked Cricket Leinster to reconsider their decision to host this weekend's play-off decider at Rathmines.

The Kenure club are rightly aggrieved at having to play the crucial clash at the home ground of their opponents, Leinster, who would have a tremendous advantage in the battle for the right to play Premiership cricket in 2019.

The Cricket Leinster regulations state that the play-off should be at a neutral venue, and the relevant reg. (9.2.2) had listed Merrion's Angelsea Road as hosts, but Merrion when contacted knew nothing about his, stating they thought Phoenix was the original choice.

Cricket Leinster's statement on the venue doesn't mention which club withdrew from hosting the play-off, but does thank Leinster CC for stepping in at late notice.

To be fair to Cricket Leinster, there aren't many grounds available at this stage of the season, with many clubs starting renovation work, but alarm bells should have been ringing given that Leinster have been in the play-off position for some weeks previously.

Rush have submitted an alternate venue for the game on Saturday, and are awaiting a decision from the governing body.