After a couple of seasons around the lower reaches of the Championship table, few observers would have given Burndennett much chance of being involved in this season's Championship race and yet with four games to go, Eddie McGettigan's team are less than one win away from the promotion play-off place.

Club stalwart Kevin Logue says that given the small nature of their squad it has been a remarkable summer so far.

"We brought in Mattie and Andy Barr and Mark Snodgrass and they have done really well for us. We have a squad of 14 players and because we have no 2nd XI, if we need to bring in anybody else due to holidays or work then all we have is the midweek side.

"That puts into perspective how well the team has done.

"We did consider bringing in a pro this year but decided on a different course of action instead. The money we would normally use for that has gone into the upkeep and general running instead, while the funds that the players raise themselves has been put to use for them.

"We came up with the idea that instead of paying players there would be a small "bonus" shared between everyone. So any time we win now, the players get 20 and the man-of-the-match gets an extra 50.

"It is only for wins, but you want to see how fast Ski and Roulsty can run now" he laughed.

The serious side to it of course is that for many players, it can be a costly weekend if a side has two games, and have to pay for teas, balls, scorers etc. This is definitely a novel idea from Burndennett and one that is clearly working for them.

It could be a very interesting last month of the season for them as a consequence.