One of the oldest myths about Irish cricket concerns the hitting of a six into Nassau Street from College Park.

It’s a big hit – on Saturday the first of Jamie Brown’s (pictured) three sixes into the car park hit the spike on top of the railings.

WG Grace is reputed to have hit the ball over the railings and through the windows of the Kildare Street Club, now the Alliance Française at the bottom of Kildare Street.

And in 'Ulysses’, James Joyce wrote: “Captain Buller broke a window in the Kildare Street Club with a slog to square leg”.

These are other reported instances, but their veracity is unknown:

  • A T Young, Gents of Ireland v MCC 1871 “smashed windows”
  • G F Bonnor, Australians v Dublin University 1880
  • R H Lambert, Gents of Scotland v Dublin University 1898 bowler Meldon
  • E K Lumley, DU “A” v Wiltshire Regiment 1920 “over railings”
  • Julien Weiner, Leprechauns v Dublin University 1978 bowler Gordon Black
  • Other claimants: John D O’Mara (Tullabeg, Carlow), James Moore (Carlow), WG Grace, Tyndall, Major Parry