North Kildare started the season 2017 brightly and were well up the league early on in the season. Manny Singh made a century. They competed with most teams.

The Alan Murray Cup seemed to turn the season with the team being heavily defeated in some games. This seemed to deflate the morale of the team.

A last ball defeat to Balbriggan was the proverbial 6 pointer that broke the camel's back and the team didn't win a game from that day forward.

Early season the bowling attack was able to compete at that level but the batting was always brittle. Mid season the team lost players for various reasons such as employment at weekends and injury and the squad was not strong and big enough. The bowling unit's performance dipped also at the end of the season and there were some heavy defeats.

Division 2 was quite strong last year with the team competing against the likes of George Dockrell, John Anderson, Kevin O'Brien, Allen Eastwood, David Langford-Smith, Peter Chase and Jeremy Bray.

Club President and 2018 first team skipper Ian Walshe said:

"At the end of the season the team had lost 7 players from the previous season for various reasons.

"Senior cricket also brought upon an additional financial burden on the club. It also had lost its groundsman. It is not easy to run a club on a shoestring or compete with other clubs who have professionals.

"The team, Executive Committee and AGM of the Club decided to seek demotion to Division 3.

"But the Club loved this experience and we would hope some lessons have been learned.

"We have to build a lot bigger youth structure to come up again.

"For the future of cricket in Leinster and Ireland it has to expand out of its traditional areas such as Dublin 4 and Fingal and the powers that be have to have this vision.

"Onwards and upwards to 2018."