• Skipper- Chris Moore
  • Ins- TBC
  • Outs- Adam McDaid
  • Overseas Player- None

Drummond's stay in the Premiership came to a crashing halt last season but suggestions that there would be a mass exodus over the winter have so far proven unfounded.

There could yet be another one or two "either way" according to skipper Chris Moore, with Adam McDaid confirming a switch to Eglinton this week.

The talented batsman was Drummond's shining light in an otherwise forgettable season and losing him is a major blow.

For his part, Moore insists that this will definitely be his swansong no matter what happens and with Ricky McDaid, Andy Christie, Simon Dunn and Steve Moore all likely to stay too, it could be an interesting summer.

This is undoubtedly Drummond's level at the minute, especially given their lack of an overseas option, but they are very capable of competing at tbe business end of the table.

"We had a terrible year last year so we will hope to win a few games this time" began the skipper.

"We want to really enjoy our cricket and have a laugh as we usually do. There will be no targets regarding finishing positions or anything like that.

"These are troubled times for club cricket, certainly here at least, so we will be content if we're able to field a team every week.

"As much as the Ireland national set-up may be thriving, club cricket in Ireland is not. We may be just hanging in for now but that is better than some unfortunately."

It's difficult to know what to make of Drummond's chances this season.

After the demoralising summer of 2017 they are unlikely to be too keen on an early return to the top flight.

But with good people like Moore and Ian Heaslett working tirelessly on and off the field, the club will survive unlike many in the NW in recent years.