Following the announcement of the ICC Europe Sub-Regional T20 Qualifier dates (27 August 4 September 2018) the Boards of Jersey Cricket and Guernsey Cricket have been in discussion regarding warm up matches for this tournament. Acutely aware of the potential effect on the Domestic game in both islands this might have, and with another PraxisIFM CI League programme to fit in weekends are at a premium. In addition, the JCB are due to host the Inter Insular Trophy this summer.

After looking at various options the best solution found, and now agreed upon is to play the 2018 Inter Insular Trophy as a best of three T20 series. The matches will take place as follows;

Format (TBC):

Those followers of Inter Insular stats will recall that between 1950 and 1977 matches were played as a timed game before switching to the present limited overs format in 1978. However, neither Board envisages this becoming the norm, albeit both expect the format to produce an exciting series in August. Both are committed to returning to the 50 over format in 2019 in Guernsey, however will look at the T20 format as being able to offer an extra Inter Insular clash from next year.

Mark Latter, GCB Director of Cricket commented: It was always going to be tricky fitting in the Club and Representative fixtures this year and we did not want to cut anything short by favouring one over the other. This solution is a great compromise and allows us to do everything. The Inter Insular Trophy is steeped in history and we respect that and look forward to returning to the 50 overs format here in Guernsey in 2019.

JCBs Chris Minty said This exciting development as a one-off replacement for the inter Insular Trophy this year will help both countries in their preparation for the important European T20 tournament later in August. It should produce an exciting weekend of cricket which we hope will be well supported and both countries are committed to reverting to the traditional format in 2019.

The decision this year has already been assisted by the willingness of Blue Islands (Flybe) and Condor Ferries TO LOOK into options for getting both the team and supporters across. The GCB hope to announce details of packages as available very soon and look forward to taking a large fan base over to cheer the greens on. For their part JCB will ensure Farmers CC is as welcoming as ever for all supporters, green and red, on what should be a great party day of cricket, but one which both sides will be gunning to emerge as victors from.