A meeting of clubs called by the Union to discuss the future structure of the Senior Leagues last night indicated that they wished to return to a four league structure for the 2019 season.
In a discussion that ranged beyond the options circulated to the clubs to include the pros and cons of ‘open leagues’, the sustainability of both club and playing numbers and the desire for competitive and meaningful cricket, one thing became clear - that the 2018 format would be a one-off.
The actual make up off the sections for 2019 and how that will be achieved will be the subject of further discussion with the clubs, and a proposal to the AGM seeking the necessary authority to make those changes made on the basis of those discussions.
Director of Domestic Cricket Neale Matthews thanked the clubs for their participation, noting that clubs had gone outside consideration of their own club interests and addressed the issues from a ‘what’s good for cricket’ standpoint

Neale added, “In a time when Cricket, like many other sports, is struggling, we are seeking a formula that allows people to play cricket at a level which is competitive for those who want competitive cricket, and is more flexible for those who want a more social approach; maybe we can’t achieve that, but we will try."