After eight years of ladies cricket, Donemana has sadly pulled out of the North West league following a vote carried out by members last week..

Due to the lack of players the Tyrone club felt they had no choice but to pull the plug on the ladies team.

Only around six girls voted that they were committed on playing while the majority said they would help pull out as and when they could.

The team has had a successful few season after becoming winners of the Ladies B league last year, when it seemed the team was just going to get better and better but unfortunately this isnít the case.

Despite this success, the club has struggled for the past couple of years to get a solid team out every week and had to play with one player short in some games.

A club spokesperson admitted that the decision was very much 'last resort', but added that the fact that they didn't have a settled team meant that it 'was probably always going to happen at some stage and it is better to happen now before the season starts instead of two or three games into the season'.

íIt is very unfortunate as we had many girls on the team with a lot of talent and potential. We have the equipment and resources for a team but one thing we donít have is the players, hopefully next season we can revive the team and come back for the 2019 season"

Over the past couple of years alone Donemana isnít the only team that had to withdraw from the North West Ladies League, last year we saw Bonds Glen also having to pull out due again to lack of players.

These two teams were once two of the major competitors of the Ladies league and is disappointing to now see both as non-existent in the ladies league.

With teams dropping out and the numbers in teams falling, what does this mean for the future of ladies cricket in the North West?