Cricket Ireland’s national chairman of selectors Andrew White has suffered a double fracture of his cheekbone after a freak accident at indoor nets on Sunday.

White, who was appointed to the top selector role last month, was struck in the face by a cricket ball as he watched an Ireland Academy practice session in Dublin.

A CT scan on Monday revealed a double fracture and possible damage to his eye socket.

“I got my cheekbone assessed yesterday at the Ulster Hospital but they weren’t happy and I was sent for a second opinion,” White told The News Letter.

“That then turned into a CT scan which unfortunately revealed that was there was a double fracture and a question mark over part of the eye socket.

“They are hopeful that surgery may not be required but I will have a final assessment next Monday when the swelling has gone down.”

Cricket nets can be fraught with danger and White, who is set to captain Instonians first eleven this summer, admits he was fortunate that the damage wasn’t worse.

“The hardest thing to deal with is that, as the doctor said, we could have been looking at brain surgery or even a worse scenario,” he continued. “This is a reminder to cricketers that danger is always there.”