The Netherlands World Cup qualification hopes look to have been dealt a blow with the news from New Zealand that Michael Rippon is set to miss the tournament in Zimbabwe next March.

Rippon, who now plays for Otago made his debut for the Dutch in 2013, proving a more than useful all-rounder for the Oranje.

The South African born 26 year-old however missed the recent wins against Namibia which clinched the World Cricket League Championship which secured the 13th slot in the ODI League which is scheduled to start in 2020.

However, with a change in ICC eligibility rules in the offing, Rippon is keen to protect his cricketing future in New Zealand and feels representing The Netherlands would indeed jeopardise his prospects in Otago.

Rippon told the Otago Daily Times: ''The qualification time changed from four to three years , and all associate nations have the same criteria as full members. So if I played for Holland tomorrow, I would have to wait another three years to qualify for New Zealand.

''I have not retired from playing for Holland but, with the new ruling, I can't really play. The end goal is to play for the Black Caps. I think you've always got to push for higher honours and keep challenging yourself. For me, that is the next step. I've got a two-year period to try to get myself up to that level.''

However, the ICC eligibility rules that Rippon is referring to were suspended by the ICC after representations from several Associate nations.

Indeed two Scotland players who had originally withdrawn from their squad to play Kenya, subsequently rejoined the party.

The strong lobbying ensured Chris Sole and Stuart Whittingham were able to play a full part in securing the Scots WCQ place.

ICC are understood to be revisiting the eligibility criteria, although it would seem their U-turn would mean Rippon despite his fears would be available to play without wrecking his New Zealand ambitions.

Rippon is currently recuperating from a broken finger, but is expected to return to action with Otago Volts in the coming week.