In an embarrassing twist, the inaugural Afro T20 league scheduled to take place in Uganda has collapsed.

A report from the Uganda Radio Network stated that the ICC had intervened before the start of the competition, reminding organisers that any foreign players would require No Objection Certificates (NOC's) from their respective countries.

With 31 foreign players scheduled to take part, including 21 from Pakistan, this resulted in a lengthy delay while the appropriate clearances were sought.

Although the Pakistan Cricket Board eventually issued the NOC's, it appears it came too late in the day for the competition, and the tournament was scrapped having only seen a few preliminary warm-up matches.

Initially the event was due to take place in Kenya, but problems there saw Kampala lined up as a late replacement.

Chaos ensued as the organisers tried manfully to get things in place, but in the end ultimately in vain.

You have to feel sorry for the Ugandan cricketers who undoubtedbly would have benefitted from top quality exposure against top level international cricketers.

Instead valuable match practice has been lost, and this will impact upon Uganda's chances in the World Cricket league Division Four in Malaysia next April.

Uganda are coached by former Kenyan great Steve Tikolo (pictured above), who is reported to be understandably fuming at the non-event.