12 cricket clubs scattered throughout the South have received a funding boost from the Irish government.

A whopping headline total of 55,831,000 was distributed to a wide variety of schemes, and cricket clubs were among those to reap the benefit.

The biggest beneficiary was Clontarf who were awarded  91,475 to upgrade their pitches, while Rush collected  45,490 to level and drain their ground.

Balbriggan picked up  38,141 while the Corkagh ground got  37,220.

St Johnston in Donegal received  an impressive 25,000 for equipment, with Dundalk getting  13,500.

Leinster were awarded  8000 to upgrade their scoreboard at Rathmines, while a new artificial pitch in Kerry was allocated the same amount.

Others clubs to make successful applications were Bagnelastown ( 7000), Mullingar ( 5500), Monaghan ( 4,500) and Phoenix ( 1902).

While there was no award in the funding to Malahide, it's understood a major application has been submitted and the government is looking close at the plans for the Irish cricket base in Dublin.