Irish Schools will take on Ireland Under 17's in a 50-over contest at Campbell College in Belfast on Wednesday.

Both teams have named strong line-ups with nearly all having featured in irish youth teams.

The match gets under way at 11am and can be followed live on CricketEurope.

Stephen Doheny (CUS) (Captain), Stuart Nelson (Grosvenor), Dean Brogan (CUS), Jack Burton (BRA), Sanil Gupta (St Andrew's), Reece Kelly (Strabane Academy), Matthew Lightbody (R. B. A. I.), Josh Little (St Andrew's), James Metcalfe (R. B. A. I.), Conor O'Gorman (CUS), David Robinson (R. B. A. I.), Andrew Vincent (St Andrew's College)

Harry Tector (c) (LCU), Ian Anders (LCU), Aaron Cawley (MCU), Varun Chopra (NWCU), Adam Clarke (NCU), JJ Garth (LCU), Seanen Jones (MCU), Gregory McFaul (NWCU), Rory McGovern (LCU), Cian Nulty (LCU), Marcus Poskitt (NWCU), Neil Rock (LCU)