FORMER World Cup batsman Bruce Patterson fears there is “no easy fix” for Scotland’s international cricket plight.

He issued his verdict after the side were heavily beaten in the second ODI against Zimbabwe at Raeburn Place - just two days after they had stunned the visitors.

More worrying than Saturday’s result is the fact that the match brought to an end Scotland’s season of big-stage action, BEFORE midsummer’s day.

In Paterson’s era - the late 1990s and into the following decade - he would be involved in up to 50 days of matches between April and September.

However, with little of no competition with the English counties and various other tournaments, the current crop of players are lucky if the tally reaches double figures.

And Paterson sees no light at the end of the tunnel.

He declared: “The calendar is crowded out due to commercial opportunities and unfortunately the ICC hold all the cards.

“I don’t think the situation is at all the fault of our own administrators. It is all about global money - and Scotland are not on their radar.

“It costs a small fortune to host a representative fixture and unlike the county guys, we don't have the TV audience as a lever to sell advertising.

“It is very sad that the lads in our team at the moment are not getting the opportunity to build up momentum, especially after their victories after Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

“I just don’t see an easy fix.”