The rain that had been threatening seemingly throughout Afghanistan's brief tour of the West Indies finally unleashed itself today in St Lucia as the third ODI was washed out.

The rain did relent enough at one point to allow a 43 over game to be planned, and the toss took place, with Afghanistan winning and choosing to bat first, but almost as soon as the toss happened the rain came back, and this time it never went.

At 7.25pm the umpires decided that even if it stopped raining, it wouldn't be possible to get the ground ready for a 20 over game starting at 8.17pm, and called the match off. The toss happening means that the players all get an ODI added to their stats.

With the cancellation of their tour to Ireland, Afghanistan's next scheduled match is an intercontinental Cup game in Hong Kong, currently set for 20th October. A much more pressing date for them though is next week when they - and Ireland - will find out if they will become the first new ICC full members since the elevation of Bangladesh in 2000.