The long running saga of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) could be coming to an end as the ICC Board has decided that the ICC Full Council should consider their expulsion at the annual conference in June.

USACA was suspended in 2015 for the third time in 12 years, and the ICC had put in place a "Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group" to attempt to bring together the increasingly fractured US cricket community, but the recent rejection of an ICC proposed constitution by USACA has inspired this latest development.

In an unusually candid press release published earlier today the ICC stated that the ICC board "does not believe USACA genuinely exercises authority over the sport in the USA and that it instead, for a variety of reasons, presides over a severely fractured community with only a small number of cricket leagues subscribing to its membership and the vast majority not choosing to join the federation".

It also goes on to say that the USACA board failed to engage at all with the SFAG process for a "considerable period of time", and that the SFAG developed constitution, sent to the USACA board in February, was not even sent to USACA's membership. Instead an alternative constitution was approved by USACA that contained proposals that had been specifically rejected by the ICC board.

The press release quotes ICC Chief Executive David Richardson as saying, "The decision to pass this resolution was not taken lightly by the ICC Board. Our focus throughout this two year process has been on the unification of the USA cricket community behind USACA to grow and develop the sport. But it has become clear that this is just not possible and, having invested so much time and resources into helping USACA and with little in the way of cooperation from USACA, the ICC Board now felt that the only remaining option was for the ICC Full Council to consider expulsion of USACA as a member of the ICC.

"USACA’s refusal to engage in the process, to meet a number of fundamental reinstatement conditions, to provide responses to further requests for information and its apparent failure to put the ICC Board-approved constitution before its members without legitimate excuse undermines the all-important objective of uniting the sport."

USACA was one of the first three associate members of the ICC, becoming members in 2015 along with Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and Fiji. If expulsion is confirmed, they will be the first associate member to be expelled, with the previous expulsions (Brunei, Cuba, Switzerland and Tonga) all coming from the affiliate ranks.

The US national side has continued to play throughout their suspension as the ICC has felt that it would be unfair to punish the players for their board's issues. They will play in Division 3 of the World Cricket League at the end of this month in Uganda where, in addition to the hosts, they will play Malaysia, Oman, Singapore and their oldest rivals Canada. If USACA are expelled, it is thought that the national team will still be allowed to play, most likely under the auspices of the ICC development office as is currently the case.