Players and coach Steve Knox pay tribute to Kari Anderson on her retirement from Scottish cricket

Abbi Aitken

"Kari, how do you summarise Kari? She's been coach, captain, senior player, shoulder to cry on, senior batter, wicket-taker, everything. She's done it all.

We will really miss her. She's still capable of putting in Player of the Match performances. Gutted that she's calling it a day but the time is right for her. The body is telling her it's time to give up. We always knew it was going to happen. It gives an opportunity for some of the younger girls to step up. There's a place now there in the batting line-up for someone to make it their own.

We'll be very sad to see her go. She's been the best player ever for Scottish Women's cricket, I think that's fair to say. That's despite having the most terrible body language of any player that I've been in a team with! But she had the whole package as a player - she was just it!

Kari is the pinnacle of Scottish Women's cricket - full stop!

Samantha Haggo

"It's been a bit of a shock to see her going but she's really put in a great shift for us over the past 17 years! When I came into the team I was about 14 and she was the player I looked up to. She'll be a big loss to us but what an amazing career she's had. We couldn't have done a lot of what we have done without her.

Fi Urquhart

"Great loss to Scottish cricket. She's contributed so much, plugging away for 17 years. The leading run-scorer by a long, long way. Huge contribution as a coach and great banter with her, she's kept us all going. She's hanging up the spikes, I think the old body's giving out a wee bit with her, but a hell of a contribution.

Rachel Scholes

"She was my first contact with Cricket Scotland and the one that got me into the team when I first moved up here, so I owe her a lot. She's a great player to play alongside. One of my great memories is taking the catch of my life off her bowling out at deep cow during one of the men's games we played in and there were some great celebrations that went on after - I've never seen her move so fast in my life! She'll be greatly missed and hard to replace.

Katie McGill

It's gutting for the team. Having spent quite a bit of time with her recently in New Zealand I think it's the right choice for her and I think the right choice for the team to move on as well. It's going to be hard and I don't think Cricket Scotland would ever have been the same without her. It's going to be an interesting little period for us now and I wish her all the best. It's sad and exciting all at once.

On this tour where she hasn't had any extra responsibility we've seen the cheeky chappie side of her. She's a great person to have around and a steady head when we needed it.

Elizabeth Priddle

I thought she was going to go for a few more years. We'll miss her definitely. Not only her batting but her knowledge both on and off the pitch. Great laugh and a great team mate to have.

Sarah Bryce

It's really sad to see her go. She's contributed so much to the team. Her performances have been so amazing. You can learn so much from her, picking up little tips while batting with her. Many memories and it's sad to see her go but definitely someone who will never be forgotten in Scottish cricket.

Kathryn Bryce

She was always having a bit of a laugh and it was great to be batting with her in the middle. Many fond memories and sad to dee her go but she will never be forgotten in Scottish cricket

Kirstie Gordon
Where do I begin? Kari has been a great friend, a great coach and team mate. Someone who has inspired a whole generation of cricketers and someone that I've enjoyed playing with, and been coached by for my whole Scotland career.

Steve Knox

Obviously the end of a spectacular career for Scotland. Words that come would be dedication, skill, determination, it's a hell of a big loss and a hell of a hole to fill, but that's our challenge over the next wee while.

It's been a fantastic career, she's been a great stalwart. Knows the game really well and for me that's going to be the biggest loss for us, more so than her runs, it's just her knowledge of cricket.

Lorna Jack

Absolutely great. She's been the rock of the team I would say. Going to be hard to replace her if we can replace her. Replace probably isn't the right word.

Ollie Rae

I first knew Kari when she played cricket in Durham when she was at Uni. I knew her as the Scottish international. She was a good player then and when I moved to Scotland I got in touch and she got me along to training. She was a real rock to the team. She never look like she's going to get out when she's batting and then comes on and steadies the ship with the ball as well. She's been a great cricketer for Scotland and wish her all the best.