Netherlands captain Peter Borren cut a disconsolate figure after his side collapsed to a humiliating 91 run loss to Hong Kong to crash out of the Desert T20 tournament.

From looking certainties just 24 hours previously, his team suffered a hangover from their loss to Scotland, when they lost from a seemingly impregnable position.

"If I was devastated after yesterdayís game, Iím probably a bit embarrassed today and the two arenít unrelated," lamented Borren. "We had a couple of hours to review yesterday and a few hours today but the way yesterdayís game panned out it obviously wasnít enough. We were simply not good enough today.

"Associate cricket has improved a lot in terms of depth. T20 is also a format that brings countries closer together but 7-8 teams can now all beat each other and that wasnít the case when I started.

"But it emphasises that every nation at this level has to continue to evolve or you will get left behind. Iím not saying itís us but itís time to draw a line under the sand and ask where do we want to be in two or three yearsí time and if we keep continuing the way we are going, with others on an upward curve, we have seen what happens to other Associate teams.

"IĎm determined to be part of the process and there was a few boys in that room who I hope after this result will be the catalyst for improvement for not just the team but Dutch cricket in general."

Netherlands coach Chris Adams revealed there were some home truths spoken in a dressing room post-mortem after the crushing defeat.

"This form of the game can really kick you where you donít want to get kicked. We had Scotland 17-3 after 6 overs yesterday and here we are 24 hours later out of the tournament in spectacular fashion," said Adams.

"It shows you what can happen in Twenty20 cricket and if you are not right on your game you can get exposed and that is what happened today. It was a real hangover from yesterday.

"Yesterday it was more down to brilliance from Scotland rather than what we did wrong but that was a difficult result to get rid of and then to pitch up today and the lads didnít pitch up in any facet. We were poor with the ball, poor with the bat and poor in the field. Twenty20 is put to bed until the summer and we have other games to focus on, an I-Cup match and two important World Cricket League games.

"But well played to Hong Kong, that was a very skilful side. And I go away from this tournament with the knowledge that all the Associate teams here have put on emphasis on improving their skills in this format of the game and they should be congratulated and itís great to have this tournament and hopefully it will become a regular event.

"We had a few honest words tonight in the dressing room, not words that would destroy or devastate them. But this team has had an interesting ride over the last two or three years since that famous night in Bangladesh and an epic World Cup two years ago. But this is still a good team with good players and good characters and itís really important that although the side is looking experienced at the top end they still should look to improve their game. Thatís whatís been asked for tonight and the players led it.

"If this had been a qualifying event we would have had three weeks prior to the tournament in a proper preparation phase making sure everyone was in the best possible shape to play in the event.

"We got together at the airport last week, that was the preparation and that proves there are challenges that Netherlands Cricket needs to look at very carefully, how it prepares a team, how it moves forward in making decisions which are conducive to performing at this level because as we have seen it is good cricket with some good teams all improving in every aspect and itís essential that we evolve and not just keep up but be one of the best."