Ireland dominated Nepal today with Kevin O'Brien returning his best T20 figures today of 3 for 8 in four overs.

O'Brien revelled in home conditions which enabled Ireland's Bowlers get on top of the Nepal's batters early and never let them off the hook.

Ireland dismissed Nepal for just 53, easily knocking off he required runs for the loss of just 2 wickets with 12 overs remaining.

O'Brien is hoping Ireland can continue to execute their skill sets to a similar high standard for the rest of the competition.

Barry Chambers: Kevin another pretty clinical performance. Was it a lot easier than you thought it was going to be?

Kevin O'Brien: I think the conditions might have helped us, slightly more than the Nepal Team. I think it's important that as a team we just continue to hit the good areas with the ball, and back our skill set which should be a little bit higher than these teams. So if we can play to our potential, which is what you've seen there today, we should go a long way in the tournament.

Barry Chambers: It's the beauty of home conditions. If you were preparing a pitch to play Nepal, you'd want a Green Seamer and overcast sky. I mean it couldn't have been a better script for Ireland, could it?

Kevin O'Brien: Well it's always overcast in Belfast! So the wicket obviously had a little tinge of green to it. But it actually wasn't that bad of a wicket. I think we bowled a lot better than they did. We were more consistent. I suppose you'd say we have a slightly different attack than them. But I think we utilised the conditions in bowling first.

Barry Chambers: And the best figures for yourself, you must be pleased with that, not having bowled in the first match?

Kevin O'Brien: Yeah it's always interesting, T20 can go either way I suppose. You either take a couple of wickets for not many runs, or you get hit out of the ground. So it's always keen to bowl. I love bowling. And especially in T20 you have that extra luxury of outside the power play, and batsmen looking to score. So I suppose with me being an all rounder, it kind of gives me an upper hand on the batsmen.

Barry Chambers: And Paul Stirling getting a few runs there, he's coming in, him and the team coming into form, peaking at the right time?

Kevin O'Brien: Yeah exactly, important that Paul got a few runs, just for his own confidence. He is such a confidence player. And if he can hit the ground running now, at the end of the Group stages, you know, it's going to be fantastic to see from a spectators point of view. But also it's going to put us in a great position to win games.

Barry Chambers: And PNG next. They beat us in a warm up a couple of years ago, so you'll certainly not be underestimating them?

Kevin O'Brien: No of course not, we know all these teams are capable of turning up on the day,  and winning games of cricket, and playing good cricket.

We saw that with Jersey over in Bready a few days ago. So I think if you underestimate these teams, you're going to fall at the hurdle.

So I think we just have to prepare the way we've prepared for the first three games, and you know, we know that PNG are a good team with some very dangerous batters. So we will do our scouting on them, and fingers crossed come Wednesday, we can put in another solid performance.