The ICC 'brains trust' of Richardson and Srinivasan offered little hope for associate countries in their media briefings at  the World Cup final at the MCG.

At the same time as their media wing were distributing press releases hailing the 2015 edition as the best ever, the gruesome twosome were ploughing ahead with their plans to take the world out of the world cup.

Never mind that other sports have a truly global outlook in their progressive thinking to nurture and grow the game, this pair seem heel bent on contraction and making the 2019 event a full members trophy.

They can dress up their excuses for this, but it boils down to greed and money. India are the powerhouse in cricket and the ICC want them guaranteed nine matches at least.

It's not about quality of cricket or the length of the event - the 2019 edition will actually be three days longer than 2015.

Richardson told BBC Test Match Special: "We have to make sure we don't put associate members into tournaments just for window dressing.

"We must ensure Ireland and Afghanistan get more resources and play more full members on a more regular basis."

The 2019 World Cup will be comprised of the top eight in the ICC rankings plus two teams from a qualifying event to be held in Bangladesh in 2018.

"Opportunities are obviously dwindling for sides outside the elite and that's obviously not ideal for trying to grab the game at home. There is an appetite, but we need an opportunity."

"The matter will be discussed again at future ICC meetings. As it stands we've entered into an agreement with broadcasters for a 10-team World Cup.

"I want it to be a shop window for the best teams in one-day cricket - whether that be eight teams, 10 teams or 12 teams.

"The debate will still be had as to whether we have 10 or increase it.

"It's more about giving opportunities to everyone and giving more money to the likes of Ireland and Afghanistan so they can compete against full members.

"We're putting money into these teams hoping we'll genuinely have 14 rather than eight teams capable of competing."

Srinivasan was also briefing the media present at the MCG: "If you look at the next World Cup, the top eight will qualify while for the ninth and 10th team, there will be competition between six associates.

"So, the Associates will have a reasonably good chance at playing the World Cup. The success of the Associates is actually because of the ICC's development program."

Let's hope the groundswell of public opinion will make not only this pair but the ICC Board reverse their decision to have a Full Members Trophy, and make the World Cup a truly inclusive event for all, worthy of the title of a 'World Cup.'