The winner of the 2009 CricketEurope Christmas competition is Niels Hebels of The Netherlands, who scored an impressive 16 out of 20.

He was closely followed by Hilal Yasini from Afghanistan with 15, while three other contestants scored 14.

The correct answers were as follows:

1 J (Indian Association, Singapore)
2 M (Mannofield, Aberdeen)
3 C (Clontarf, Dublin)
4 E (Farmers Field, Jersey)
5 S (Sheikh Zahid Stadium, Abu Dhabi)
6 L (JHQ, Rheindahlen)
7 P (Grange, Edinburgh)
8 N (MHTI, Kuala Lumpur)
9 H (Happy Valley, Cyprus)
10 Q (Ropa Valley, Corfu)
11 I (Het Schootsveld, Deventer)
12 A (Antwerp Indians)
13 O (Pianoro Oval)
14 D (College Field, Guernsey)
15 T (Singapore Club)
16 X (VRA, Amstelveen)
17 B (Belgrano AC, Buenos Aires)
18 R (Craighouse, Santiago)
19 U (Stormont, Belfast)
20 K (Jaffery Club, Nairobi)

The ‘dummy' answers were therefore F (FB Fields, Jersey), G (Gymkhana, Nairobi), V (Titwood, Glasgow), and W (VOC, Rotterdam). The venues which gave the most trouble were the Indian Association in Singapore, JHQ Rheindahlen, MHTI in Kuala Lumpur, and Antwerp Indians.

Mr Hebels wins a £50 voucher for online cricket equipment or books purchased at Hearty congratulations to him from CricketEurope, and thanks to all those who entered!