Anton Scholtz. Batsman and slow bowler, drops even less than Jonesey. Captain. Born Cape Town , grew up in Melbourne , Australia , came to Ireland in 2005 to follow a career in social work. Favourite band: Stereophonics; favourite movie: Usual Suspects; favourite food: Seafood.

Carlos Brathwaite. All-rounder. Born Barbados . Played for Barbados U13, U15, U19, West Indies U19 selection. Student and pro cricketer. Favourite band: Sizzla; favourite movie: American Gangster; favourite food: Macaroni pie and chicken.

George Dockrell. Born Dublin . Slow left-arm bowler and batsman. Will miss school and the final because away with Ireland U19. Favourite band: Killers; favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption; favourite food: Pizza.

Mark Jones. Batsman; occasional spinner, drops nothing. Born Dublin . Third (time lucky?) Irish Senior Cup final. Stockbroker. Favourite band: Massive Attack; favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption; favourite food: Steak.

Robbie Kenealy. Medium pace bowler. Born Dublin . The whole family has been around Leinster for years. Sales Account Manager. Favourite band: Oasis; favourite movie: Goodfellas; favourite food: Rib-eye steak.

Will Lennon. Medium pace bowler and batsman. Born Waikari , New Zealand and grew up in Christchurch . Moved to Dublin in 2000. An IT programmer. Favourite band: Supergroove; favourite movie: Pulp Fiction; favourite food: Roast lamb.

Dave Lucas. Batsman. Born Dublin . Started playing cricket in CUS, then joined Leinster . 12th man when Leinster lost to Limavady in the 1997 final. Attended UCD. Now an accountant in corporate banking. Favourite band: The Killers; favourite movie: Old School; favourite food: Steak.

Hugh MacDonnell. Left-arm medium pace bowler. Born Dublin . Lives for Leinster . A Boolean programmer (don't ask!). Favourite band: Kings of Leon ; favourite movie: Never Back Down; Favourite food: Chinese.

Craig Mallon. Batsman; occasional spinner. Born Levin , New Zealand . Grew up in NZ and moved to Ireland five years ago. An IT engineer/architect. Favourite band: Supergroove; favourite movie: Good Will Hunting; favourite food: Thai.

Rob Miley. Medium pace bowler. Born Beirut . Still a student, so no life history yet. Favourite bands: Oasis; Kings of Leon; Strokes; Kasadian; favourite movie: Dumb and Dumber; Favourite food: Victoria sponge cake and pizza.

Jason Molins. Batsman. Former captain of Ireland , will miss the final for the trivial reason that he's getting married in Spain ! Investment manager. Favourite band: Oasis; favourite movie: Silence of the Lambs; favourite food: Thai.

Ian O'Herlihy. Wicketkeeper and batsman. Born Dublin into famous cricketing family. Has played in Merrion and for The Hills. Currently a student. Favourite band: Starturtle; favourite movie: Friday Night Lights; favourite food: Sausage pie and pavlova.