In a match in which Uganda scored 352 runs, astoundingly the story is all about Bermuda and their man-of-the-match, David Hemp, whose 170 not out led his team to an eight wicket victory at Potchesfstroom in the 9th place play-off.

Despite posting their highest total ever at this level, with another tremendous performance from Nehal Bibodi (109) and Frank Nsubuga (98), Uganda managed to lose control as Bermuda contended from the very beginning of their reply, hitting at will.

Several fielding errors, missed run outs, and dropped chances cost dearly as Hemp led the way with his incredible 170 from 141 balls, and rightly earned his man of the match award. His aggregate for the tournament now stands at 557 runs, at an average of 185.67!

Ably supporting that effort was Stephen Outerbridge with 107 from 99 balls. Until their last couple of matches Bermuda were almost sleepwalking and were recently loudly and publicly criticised by their West Indian coach, Gus Logie. What a way to wake up, and most certainly at Uganda's expense.

Davis Arinaitwe had taken over the captaincy from Junior Kwebiha in this match, and strangely, Nehal was almost dropped. The pitch was flat and as nearly all the wickets in South Africa, rolled until there was almost nothing left in it for the bowlers, as the combined runs scored of 708 will surely testify.

Uganda leaves South Africa now on 10th place overall, still within the High Performane Programme, however, it may be felt that a slightly better result was possible. This shall certainly be under discussion for further analysis and review in the days and weeks to come as Uganda Cricket Association plots the way forward.