The day dawned bright and clear in Johannesburg with the Ugandan contingent still on a high after their dramatic last-ball win over Namibia the previous evening. It ended, unfortunately, with the team rueful of chances not taken after Canada batted through the afternoon to hand Uganda a loss in a game which was there to win.

With an unchanged side Uganda won the toss and elected to bat in a decision which was somewhat surprising. "We had a look and thought there would be something in it for the spinner's lately", justified team manager Ligyalingi.

However, the pitch was bright and bouncy, still affected by the morning dew, and the Canadian team manager, Mike Henry, expressed surprise when Uganda put themselves in, insisting that had Canada won the toss they would have done the same.

Henry Osinde opened the bowling against his former compatriots and caused trouble from the start. It wasn't too long before Kyobe fell, however fellow opener Mukasa again showed what an emerging talent he is with a strong 42 runs.

Again the Ugandan middle order wobbled, and Musoke will be wondering if his place is secure, but things stabilised under Kwebiha and Kamyuka, the latter putting on a magnificent 85 showing just what he is worth to the side. Ssemanda's fine batting helped to push the total to a fairly respectable total of 232.

The Canadians, knowing they "needed this victory", came out feeling that 232 was "gettable" according to Mike Henry. As, indeed, it proved to be, and though Canada looked vulnerable at one point having lost 3 wickets in 14 overs, their run rate was high enough that the later batsmen worked with comfort, and truthfully, never looked seriously challenged, though Uganda tried their utmost to dislodge them. Barnett, fresh off the Australian season, came in, and batted till the end, putting on a marvellous 102 not out taking the team past the mark, and earning man of the match honours.

After the match, a weary Kenneth Kamyuka, having given his all, was seen sitting on the sidelines. "We have missed our opportunity today", was all he said. And that about sums it up. Ugandan simply could not put the pressure on Canada when it was most needed in the middle overs, and having put down a couple of chances, found no answer to Canada's experienced batsmen.

Tactics will be discussed, plans made, the positives identified, and in Saturday's match against Ireland, back in Krugersdorp, we shall look to see a rejuvenated Uganda, ready for their greatest challenge of this tournament against a very strong side.